Participation to the show is open to both established and emerging artists & designers.  

All we ask you to do is to donate your creativity to this cause – so all you have to do is send us your artwork as a digital file. We will then take care of the rest: printing the posters, providing the space to exhibit them, and promoting the event to gather as many poster enthusiasts as possible to make this show fundraising a success.


27th of November at 18:00


Be inspirational. Although aphasia is a serious topic, we are looking to promote a positive message, showing hope and support. Be creative in making something beautiful you’d like to put on your own wall, as much as showing to the world. Entrants are invited to explore and interpret the following themes, in any way they choose: 

  • Slowing time to better connect with each other;
  • Communication between people;
  • Thoughts, language & memory;
  • Beautiful minds;


  • Printing: We will print using Risograph technique for that nice & unique feel. Our printing partner is Hato Press
  • Format: A3 size posters in portrait orientation, (FORMAT + DPI). Note that Risograph cannot print full bleed, so include a 5mm border on your artwork, otherwise the printer will automatically scale down to include this extra space.
  • Colours: You can use up to 2 colours. Posters will be printed on white paper, so you can also think of white as a 3rd colour you can use, given by the negative space. Please indicate the colours you would like us to print your artwork choosing from this list  – colour options here. (you can also use “special” colours such as gold)
  • Preparing your files: Your artwork should be setup as separate greyscale PDF files, one for each colour layer, similar to the way artwork is prepared for screen printing.
  • Sending your files: Please send your high res files via wetransfer directly to Michela Nicchiotti, at, with email subject: WAIT FOR ME / Final Artwork / ARTIST NAME.
  • Presentation information: Include in your email a short paragraph with your biography, the title of the artwork, and a summary of the idea behind it (max 150 words). This will be used on website & social media, as well a printed presentation featured next to your piece on the event.