WHAT IS APHASIA? Some useful links for more information on the condition:


A.IT.A is a nonprofit Italian association that supports the people affected by aphasia and their families through specialized activities, services and therapies to improve their quality of life. It promotes awareness at a national and local levels, providing aphasic people essential – and often life changing – services with healthcare professionals such as neurologists, psychologists, speech & rehabilitation therapists. 

More info here (in Italian): http://www.aitafederazione.it

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Hato Press is a London independent printing studio specialized in Risograph technique, working with illustrators and artists to bring artwork to life with a special touch. If you would like to know more about Risograph printing and get some tricks on how to make your artwork look great please, visit Hato Press website:

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Associazione Make is an Italian independent start up focused on promoting events involving local community.

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Cinema PostModernissimo is an Italian Independent Cinema located in Perugia focused on promoting cinema and culture.

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Sean Freeman – ThereIs  

Paul Butt – SectionDesign

Rocco Pezzella – Hello!Savants 

Oksana Valentelis – OksanaNellyDuff

Piero Zagami – PieroZagami

Nicola Di Costanzo – Nicoladicostanzo

Valeria Crociata – Crociata

Alessandra Bosi – AlessandraBosi